Katakura WBLC Dutch classes Katakura WBLC Dutch classes

Katakura WBLC Dutch classes

Dutch classes at Katakura WBLC are fun to follow, interactive and the teachers have years of experience. You will work in small groups of 4-8 students, with great benefits. You’ll have plenty of space for interaction with the teacher, feedback, to develop your verbal skills and feel part of a team. We all know how important speaking Dutch is, whether for study, work or travel. At Katakura WBLC Amsterdam we are focused on offering our students the best experience to ensure that they reach their goals. This is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the course that matches your aspirations. So whatever your reason for studying Dutch, we have a course for you! Sign up today and improve your Dutch on a short notice. The teachers of Katakura WBLC will welcome you with open arms.

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Katakura WBLC is there for you to learn the Dutch language. In order to truly learn a language, it is best when you are completely immersed in it. That is why an intensive Dutch course works so well. When you are working with the language on a daily basis, inside and outside of the class, this helps your brain to get used quickly to the new sounds, words and structures. Intensive learning also helps you to see results quickly, something that is very important when you are learning a language. It allows you to put your skills into practice straight away. Katakura WBLC is the right place to learn Dutch from native-speakers. We would love to welcome you at one of our locations in Amsterdam.

Katakura WBLC for all the Dutch courses

Katakura WBLC has it all! Make sure you sign up to one of our courses.

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