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Midori Green

Over the last 50 years, not many changes have been made in nucleic acid staining, until now, thanks to Midori Green. The chemical that is still being used the most is ethidium bromide. Midori Green has a lot of advantages, compared to the current chemicals and is a lot better regarding safety of people, health and environment and toxicity.

Comparing Ethidium Bromide with Midori Green in nucleic acid staining

Chemicals like Midori Green can be used for nucleic acid staining. When DNA has to be analyzed, it is often not clear to see just through a microscope, it needs nucleic acid stain in order to be seen completely. This technique has remained the same for as long as it exists, but since the chemicals used are very toxic, there have been attempts to replace the type of chemicals. Midori Green is the first of many attempts that has actually successfully completed nucleic acid staining while not having very toxic contents.

Why switch from the default choice?

Ethidium bromide (EtBr) is the chemical that has been doing harm to people and earth for the past 50 years. Since people never really used anything else and ethidium bromide just worked well for them, there had never been reason to change it. However, more and more researchers acknowledge the damage that Ethidium bromide does and thus they are in favour of a replacement chemical like Midori Green.


The goal that was set while developing Midori Green was to make sure there was an advantage on the part of safety and environment, compared to ethidium bromide. The advantages that were brought to scientists were especially the sensitivity that was brought, and the harmlessness of the chemical. In many cases, researchers even preferred the insight they got from the Midori Green nucleic acid stains, so change the way you research now!

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